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From Problem to Solution.

Concept -> Innovation -> development -> Design ->  Prototype -> Test -> Prove -> Patent -> production -> Promotion -> Sales.

Precision Engineering in multiple materials  and novel electronic control systems


A walking aid for people transitioning out of a wheelchair. Or for people who end up using a wheel chair because the alternative does not provide sufficient support.     

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Go anywhere , land anywhere, First Responder V.T.A.L. Any weather day or night, Search and rescue. Rapid Response Paramedic on board. Fly patient direct from incident site  to Hospital. No Pilot required.

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Cary-A Cup

A novel way to carry a drink.

For people who usually would just spill it every time. 

this design makes it impossible to spill a drink.

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Field Service Engineer's servicing and jobsheet  Database software.

Multiple and related databases customisable to suit most types of field service work


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